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Exciting Changes at Print Tech Solutions

Exciting Changes at Print Tech Solutions

Exciting times at Print Tech Solutions, as we launch into our next phase of growth.

Following the acquisition of Print Tech Solutions by The Ethikos Group, in April 2022, there are some exciting updates we are keen to share. Print Tech Solutions has transitioned over the last 20 years to become a specialist in supporting clients to achieve the best quality print through technical support and the development and supply of safe and effective cleaning solutions that are uniquely formulated for the Flexographic print industry.

This is a continued focus for Print Tech Solutions, but with a few changes.

Founded by Scott and Gail Davis, The Ethikos Group’s has an impressive track record of improving profit performance, streamlining efficiencies, and promoting growth. Collectively, the team have years of experience in industry and corporate finance focusing on the acquisition of owner-managed businesses.

Ethikos, as the name implies, takes an ethical approach to the process of acquiring a business. With the aim to always administer structure and confidence to potential acquisitions, to assure them that The Ethikos Group will provide a good home for their business. The intentions are to develop without risk, retain reputation, and grow through diligence and most importantly long-term planning, something that their previous acquisitions are proof of: Delta Rock Ltd and Gilks Ltd.

Print Tech Solutions Evolves

Nearly eighteen months on, Print Tech Solutions has integrated into The Ethikos Group. Scott and Gail, with the extended team at Ethikos, have worked closely with the team at Print Tech Solutions to gain a better understanding of the business including the technical aspects of flexographic print and the market sector.

New processes and procedures have been established and an overview of the products and services undertaking, to streamline the business, with a clear focus on the Print Tech Solution’s strengths within the formulation of specialist cleaning solutions.

With the backing of its parent company, Print Tech Solutions will continue to innovate their cleaning solutions and technical services to meet the growing demands of the flexographic market, to support the delivery of optimum print quality.

We are therefore pleased to announce that the co-owner of The Ethikos Group, Scott Davis, has now taken the position of Managing Director at Print Tech Solutions.

Scott Davis

Scott Davis, MD at Print Tech Solutions

Innovation remains at the heart of Print Tech Solutions ethos

Steve Turner the founder of Print Tech Solutions has taken the role of Head of Innovation. With his wealth of knowledge and expertise and longevity in the flexographic and print industry, Steve’s new role will allow him to concentrate on the future Research and Development and the innovation of new products for the business to take to market.

Steve Turner


Steve said, “Over the last twenty years of building Print Tech Solutions, we have been fortunate to have continued support from our customers. They have shared their print issues with us, which has facilitated us in growing our knowledge to understand the challenges, and expertise to develop and evolve safe and effective cleaning solutions for the flexographic print sector. The technical support we now provide stems from the years of experience we have gained in the print industry. This has enabled us to support our customers in maintaining consistent high-quality print. Innovation and growth remain at the heart of what Print Tech Solutions do and I’m pleased that with vision of The Ethikos Group the business can continue to grow and move forward”.

Growing the Print Tech Solution brand and reputation

To support the progression and growth The Ethikos Group has planned, the current brand identity was reviewed and has had a ‘make-over’. It was imperative that we didn’t lose the brand recognition and reputation that had been built up over the last twenty years, but we wanted to have an identity that could continue to grow with the business, as it moves into its next chapter.

Print Tech Solutions - OLD Logo

Print Tech Solutions - New Brand Identity

With this in mind, we are pleased to share the new and evolved branding. This provides the foundation for Print Tech Solutions, under The Ethikos Group.

The new branding has simultaneously been developed alongside our new website, which provides Print Tech Solutions with an improved online presence and clearly illustrates our products and technical support services.

It is the initial phase of the planned progression for the business.

We look forward to Print Tech Solutions future

Scott Davis, as the new Managing Director of Print Tech Solutions, is committed to growing the business and maintaining the reputation of providing premium safe and effective cleaning solutions and technical support for the flexographic print industry.

Scott said, “We’re pleased to have Print Tech Solutions as part of our group and excited with the opportunities that lay head.”

He continues, “We are proud to say that our solutions have become the preferred cleaning solutions for many of the UK flexographic print industry, especially in the corrugated board sector. It is also pleasing to know that our technical support is valued highly by our customers and is a crucial element of the service we provide. With the technological advancements in flexographic print coupled with high-cost investments being made by our customers, it is imperative that print deterioration is not due to incorrect care of the anilox rollers. Our customers are extremely focused on delivering premium print, with many printing for top prestige brands. To continue to support them we are committed to the innovation of our cleaning solutions and technical support services, to meet the changing demands and challenges the industry faces, including environmental targets being set within many businesses.”

It’s an exciting time for Print Tech Solutions.

We are looking forward to sharing our news, providing you with top tips, best practice for anilox care and industry news to support your business deliver consistent high-quality print and the growth of our businesses. Follow us on our social channels, including Linked In, to keep up to date with useful information regarding flexographic print.

If you would like to know more about our cleaning solutions, or arrange a site assessment visit, to check the condition of your anilox rollers and discuss your care and maintenance programme, then contact our team. We will be pleased to help you.

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